Anna Maria Pellizzari, M.Ed., CPCC

Is there a voice inside you saying, There's got to be more to life than this

Do you often think, My life is not my own or Something is missing, but I'm not sure what

Are you at a crossroads and not sure where to turn

I get it - I've been there!  No stranger to life transitions or the search for fulfillment, I've worked in a variety of industries (education, law, finance, tech and design), relocated long-distance twice, traveled the world and lived many "artistic re-awakenings".  Through it all, I discovered the catalytic power of inner resourcefulness that is at the core of each of us.  We are all naturally creative beings, and when we connect to our creativity, amazing things happen!

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I stimulate people's creativity as a means to promote individualized leadership.  Whether you are hungry for a lifestyle change, have creative dreams longing to be realized or simply want to live more expansively, I can help spark the creative fire inside yourself, fostering greater personal and professional fulfillment in your life.

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