Anna Maria Pellizzari, M.Ed., CPCC

I believe we are all naturally creative beings, and when we connect to our creativity, amazing things happen.  As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I help my clients tap into their innate creative "fire" as a means to promote individualized leadership in their lives.  Whether you are hungry for a lifestyle change, have creative dreams longing to be realized or simply want to live more expansively, I can help!

I bring a breadth of personal and professional experience to my coaching:  I've worked in a variety of industries (education, law, finance, tech and design), relocated long-distance twice, traveled the world and lived many "artistic reawakenings".  No stranger to igniting life transitions, I know firsthand the catalytic power of connecting with inner resourcefulness... and creating with fire!

Portrait photography by Regina Felice.  All website artwork by Anna Maria Pellizzari.